About Us

Yellow Rat Batstard was established 1996 in New York City. Since the 90’s, we have grown to become not only an iconic shopping destination for tourists and native New Yorkers; but the top brand name in street wear & urban fashion. Not just known for our clothing, but also our against the grain attitude, creating a demographic of shoppers with an eager desire to know what we will come out with next.


         Mark Ecko, the space designer of the NYC store, originally developed the name YRB. The idea for the store came from a Frank Miller comic book “Sin City”. The comic series had an issue entitled "That Yellow Bastard".


         To go along with our fashion brand, we also publish a monthly magazine, also established in 1996. YRB Magazine is a lifestyle publication that focuses on fashion, music, art, and related cultural subjects. Constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to trendsetting style, YRB connects readers with the freshest developments that impact the dynamic culture we report on. We strive to maintain a global viewpoint, looking beyond borders to find topics to inspire our readers, resulting in a magazine that is both unique and informative.

    Although our SOHO location has closed, our products are still available through our website!